Repair and Maintenance

The key goals of roof repair and maintenance and repair are to increase the roof’s lifespan for the lowest possible price and to help the roof do what it was designed to do: protect the interior of the building and conserve energy. As you would care for your car by checking and changing the oil, your roof also needs preventative maintenance to best protect what you treasure most for years to come.

Some of the most common causes of roof problems include:

Exposure to extreme weather, such as high winds, lightning, hail, and flooding rains
Structural movement of the building
Neglect of chronic problems
Exposure to pollutants and chemicals
Unintended biological growth
Improperly installed equipment, such as vents, hatches, and HVAC units
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There are simple measures you can take to mitigate costly problems from the start. Studies have shown that addressing roofing problems after they occur may cost three times as much as proactive, routine roof repair and maintenance. Windward Roofing & Construction designs maintenance programs tailored to your roof’s specific, long-term needs for substantial cost savings.

At Windward Roofing, our maintenance programs are available in either annual or biannual visits.

Your roof repair and maintenance program will include the following services:

Clearing all debris from the roof surface
Performing minor repairs
Assessing overall roof condition
Checking the drains, penetrations, and wall flashings
Addressing any active leaks

Repairs when you need them; peace of mind when you don’t.

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