Commercial Roofing Contractors Chicago

Commercial roofing contractors Chicago

Commercial roofing contractors in chicago

Windward Roofing & Construction understands the importance of a resilient and reliable commercial roofing in preserving the long-term integrity of your property. 

Our extensive range of commercial roofing solutions in Chicago, IL, is thoughtfully crafted to address the varied roofing requirements of our clients, ensuring optimal functionality, unmatched durability, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. 

Windward Roofing & Construction delivers top-tier Chicago roofing services that prioritize the longevity and performance of your commercial property.

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Commercial roof replacement necessitates meticulous attention to detail and expertise. Whether it’s replacing an existing roof, addressing substrate issues, or executing the reroofing process, precision is paramount for the success and durability of commercial roofing solutions.


In the Midwest, where severe weather is common, including strong winds and heavy rainfall, your roof may face damage like leaks. For effective commercial roofing solutions and preventative maintenance, trust a reputable commercial roofing company to enhance the durability and performance of your roof.


Even the most resilient roofing systems are susceptible to unforeseen and costly damages. Our commitment is to be readily available for prompt repairs and assessments. When you’re in need, our local commercial roofing company near you is ready to provide swift assistance.


The impact of snow on roofs is commonly referred to as the “snowball effect” for good reason. Accumulated snow has the potential to lead to roof cave-ins, substantial building damage, and even personal injuries if not promptly addressed. For reliable and timely assistance, contact our local commercial roofing experts near you.


In new construction, we build from the ground up without the need for removing or replacing existing roofs. Windward manages the construction and installation of energy-efficient roofs according to code and local conditions, offering dependable solutions for commercial roof repair with our expertise ensuring a seamless process.


In Chicago, we’re a dedicated commercial roof contractor, restoring historic roofing elements with pride. Partner with us to preserve the city’s rich architectural legacy and contribute to a promising future. Your trust ensures seamless restoration and a resilient outlook for Chicago’s rooftops.


In the dynamic world of Chicago roofing, we stand by the notion that knowledge is key. Elevating our client experience, we offer access to advanced project management software, ensuring they wield the power of informed decision-making. Stay effortlessly in the loop with real-time project tracking, service updates, and comprehensive summaries.


An intelligent dual solution: addressing both lighting needs and fire code evacuation requirements. Trust our expertise as your premier commercial roof contractor to seamlessly integrate these essential elements for a comprehensive and efficient safety solution.

Windward Roofing & Construction distinguishes itself in the roofing industry with unmatched capacities, exemplified by the following which set us apart as the premier choice for roofing solutions in Chicago:

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1. Expertise in Commercial Roofing Installation

As premier commercial roofing contractors, our proficiency shines in the precise installation of diverse roofing systems tailored for commercial roofing applications, including:

  • EPDM Roofing: Renowned for durability and energy efficiency.
  • TPO Roofing: Known for heat-reflective properties and strength.
  • Metal Roofing: Valued for longevity and sustainability.
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR): The traditional hot-tar and gravel roofing, known for resilience.

Our expertise as leading commercial roofing contractors is evident in the meticulous planning and execution of every contract roofing installation, ensuring robust resilience against the varied weather conditions of Chicago.

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2. Unmatched Roof Repair and Maintenance Services

Timely maintenance and efficient repairs are paramount in extending the lifespan of your roof. Our comprehensive commercial roofing services include:

  • Leak Detection and Repair: Utilizing the latest technology for prompt leak resolution.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Scheduled inspections to prevent costly damages.
  • Emergency Services: 24/7 availability to address sudden roofing issues.

Prioritizing a proactive approach, we save our clients both time and money in the long run, setting us apart among commercial roofing companies.

Commercial Roofing-Roof Repair and Maintenance

3. Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Roofing Options

Prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability is crucial at this time. Check out our tailored commercial roofing solutions designed to meet these imperative goals effectively.

  • Green Roofing Solutions: Creating vegetative layers on rooftops for enhanced building insulation.
  • Solar-Ready Roofing Systems: Preparing roofs for solar panel installation, reducing energy costs.
  • Cool Roof Coatings: Reflective materials that lower roof surface temperature and reduce cooling needs.

Choose our energy-efficient commercial roofing options to minimize your carbon footprint and enjoy substantial cost savings.

Commercial Roofing-Roof installation

4. Superior Roof Replacement and Restoration

When commercial roof repair becomes impractical, we offer comprehensive roof replacement and restoration services, including:

  • Complete Roof Tear-offs: Safe and efficient removal of the old roofing system.
  • Roof Restoration: Extending the life of your existing roof through high-quality coatings and treatments.
  • Custom Roofing Solutions: Tailoring roofing systems to the specific needs of your property.

Our commitment extends to ensuring minimal disruption to your operations as we perform commercial roof replacement. Our dedicated team strives to execute these procedures seamlessly, allowing your business to run smoothly without interruptions.

Why Choose Windward Roofing & Construction for Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Choosing Windward Roofing & Construction proves to be the ultimate decision for unparalleled commercial roofing excellence, as evidenced by the following key factors:

  • Decades of Experience: Our deep understanding of commercial roofing nuances sets us apart.
  • Certified Professionals: A team of certified roofing experts dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We ensure clear communication, transparency, and tailored solutions.

Contact Windward Roofing & Construction now; you won’t regret it. Choosing us ensures you’ll be delighted with the superior commercial roofing for your property.

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Windward Roofing & Construction is the leading choice for your commercial roofing needs in Chicago, IL. Our commitment extends beyond providing mere commercial roofing solutions – it is a dedication to fortifying and enhancing the value of your property. 

Elevate your property’s aesthetics and functionality with a commercial roofing solution that seamlessly integrates overall appeal. 

Contact Windward Roofing & Construction today to embark on a journey toward superior commercial roofing, where excellence meets reliability.

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Windward Roofing & Construction
Windward Roofing & Construction
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Daniel Quintana
Daniel Quintana
best in the business! special shoutout to the windward service project manager. class act.
chris hain
chris hain
Best roofing contractor I have ever worked with.
sam balch
sam balch
Needed a roof on one of my properties in the Midwest and they did a great job. Service was amazing.
Ty Consolino
Ty Consolino
Great service tech!!!
Mark Villarreal
Mark Villarreal
Great Company Highly Recommended Safe Clean Fast One of the best roofing in Chicago
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JJ Kuhn
They have got a customer for life out of me.
Gregory Gienko
Gregory Gienko
Great service and great guys!

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